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Linn Moor Residential School has a long history of providing specialist residential care and education for children and young adults with autism, related conditions such as social and communication difficulties, and learning disability.

We are committed to promoting the values of respect, dignity, participation and self-determination. This is achieved by the child/young person being at the centre of all we do. We respect and see each child/young adult as unique and while fully recognising their difficulties, we focus on their rights to have and enjoy an ordinary life.

Our Values and Principles

  • Our approach is always child and young person-centred
  • Respect and promote the rights of the child in all aspects of their lives
  • Work with parents and carers on a ‘share the care’ approach and involve them in the life of the school
  • Support and develop the children and young people through a multi-disciplinary approach, with the involvement of therapists, to meet all their needs
  • Continue to develop our staff through a variety of training and using their expertise and skills to enhance children and young people’s lives
  • Provide exciting and new opportunities for the children and young people we support to ensure they have a happy and fulfilled time at the school and in the wider community


Linn Moor understands the importance of providing the necessary supports to ensure young people achieve positive outcomes. As part of VSA we have a wealth of support services at our disposal. As one of the largest social care charities in Scotland, VSA has invested heavily in ensuring its services have the right tools to provide the best of care.

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