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VSA Committed to Making Carers Visible 

With support from the Scottish Government Wellbeing Fund, VSA launches a brand-new Carers Identification Card, for unpaid Carers registered with our service in Aberdeen.

In Aberdeen, 1 out of every 4 people could be providing a caring role; this means that enough carers are living in Aberdeen to fill the main arena at TECA nearly four times and across Scotland, and it is estimated that up to 1.1 million people are undertaking a caring role.  

Alarmingly the coronavirus outbreak and emergency measures have placed immense stress on unpaid carers.

The card is designed to give carers the recognition they deserve and make them easily identifiable as an equal partner in care in Health and Social Care and the NHS. Our Carers since the start of Coronavirus have given examples of being unable to complete a supermarket shop or secure an online delivery slot. It has not been possible for many carers during this crisis to leave the person they are caring for at home on their own as it would simply be unsafe to do so.

That is why we have written to all supermarkets in the city of Aberdeen asking them to pledge support for our Carers ID Card. We have asked supermarkets to allow carers to shop during any designated shopping hours for vulnerable people or Health/NHS workers and to also allow the person you care for entry to the shop with you. 

Cards can be provided digitally or printed, to get a card please speak to a member of the carers team on 01224 358631 or email 

(Please note that you will be able to register for a card online in sue course, and we plan on expanding on the benefits of this card over the next six months)

List of supermarkets that are supporting this initiative:

(More supermakets will be added over the next seven days)

Sainsbury's Berryden

ALDI Boulevard Retail Park

ALDI Cornhill

ALDI Westhill

ALDI Inverurie

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