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Healthy and Connected

Supporting Carers to be Healthy and Connected

Caring can be a hugely rewarding experience, enriching relationships and bringing satisfaction and well-being. However, caring for others often comes at a cost to carers’ own health and well-being as they put their own health needs to the back of the queue.

To be Healthy and Connected, carers need the information and practical support to care safely without harming their own physical and mental health and the right advice and financial support to be able to stay fit and eat healthily. Carers need access to breaks – from a few hours to a couple of weeks – to recharge the batteries and maintain a life of their own alongside caring.

Carers say they want to live in communities that both support them to care well and be healthy themselves, to be able to work if they want to, and to have a life of their own outside their caring role. They want to be treated as individuals with their own health and well-being needs, and not only as a carer of someone else.

The following opportunities have been identified, which will hopefully help carers feel supported in their caring role as well as helping to increasing Health and Wellbeing.

Active Lifestyles Timetable Brochure 10.04.18.pdf

Pittodrie Stadium Supported Tours.pdf

Ruyi School of Taijiquan and Qigong Class Info 2018.pdf





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