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Carers Resource Service in Aberdeen

Do you have a caring role?

Anyone of any age who helps a relative, friend or neighbour who cannot manage without their support has taken on an unpaid caring role in addition to their existing commitments.
Some people have just started looking after someone, others have looked after someone all their life.
Many care for more than one person, and sometimes their own health is affected.
VSA Carer’s Resource Service provides information, advice and support to local carers and carer groups.

The VSA Adult Carers Service Aberdeen is located on Castle Street. We offer advice, information and support on all aspects of caring directly to carers.


Our Carer Advisors can give advice on support when liaising with statutory services and support for families of children with special needs.

If the member of staff is unable to help, then they will refer you to the most appropriate member of staff or an appropriate agency.

Further information on the services provided by the centre as well as national information is available by contacting VSA’s Aberdeen Carers Resource Service.

Not sure if you are a carer? This booklet might help you decide:

ACHSCP VSA A5 booklet.pdf

For further information on what services we provide, please see the information below:

Do you look after someone poster.pdf

Guide to City Carers Services Leaflet.pdf

What to Expect_our commitment to you.pdf

Support Parent Carers Poster.pdf

Royal Cornhill Hospital Carers Service.pdf

Counselling Service for Carers.pdf





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